Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just catching up...

Okay, let me start off by stating 2 things:

#1- Let me get this off my chest: I don't really like the new blogger look. I am not all about some change and this is just confusing. Same with Facebook. I hate that Facebook keeps changing stuff. I really think they are just trying to confuse us into allowing us freaks who don't let just anybody be their friends, somehow slip up and let the whole world see our life without us knowing it. The government is behind it all. Maybe I should just close my Facebook... :-/

#2- Please don't chastise (coughBrittanyShamblincough) me for taking so long to write a new post. I really really really want to be a [good] blogger, but I always think of cheesy stuff to write about and then I think about how funny/uplifting/cool other people's blogs are that I read and then I think "That's so stupid. People will make fun me if I say that." So I avoid this computer, with all my pictures on it, in Alan's office like the PLAGUE! Now, feel free to brag and brag on me when I do write a clever/funny/uplifting blog post. (heehee;)

So, I thought maybe an update on what's been happening in our lives in the last few weeks. For those of you who may not know, Alan, along with 3 of his friends, have bought a small (very old, very inexpensive...) airplane. It's a Piper Cherokee something or other from like 1969. Don't get too excited. Here it is:

Over the past couple of months, Alan has been working hard on getting his pilot's license. Which was the sole purpose in buying the airplane. One of Alan's friends is a pilot, and a flight instructor, and he agreed to go in on the plane and teach the other 3 how to fly. Alan has solo'd quite a few times in the last few weeks (yes, I get nauseated and pray like a mad woman every time) but Bryan (the pilot) has said Alan is ready to take his test and doesn't need him at all. So, I guess I'm pretty proud of my husband, but I have told him that if he doesn't like me getting nervous all the time he should probably just stop flying. 'Cause I'm not gonna stop being nervous until he's back on the ground. Safely. :)

September 10th, we had a birthday party for Ford and it was so much fun! We were afraid it was going to be too cold for the water slides, but it turned out to be warm enough and all the kids had a blast! Except for Ford, who really wasn't very fond of the water slides. Oops. Guess I should ask him first next time. Here are a few pictures from Ford's 3rd birthday party.


We are almost through the first 9 weeks of kindergarten with Logan!! That means it's almost report card time! :) We made it through the first 6 weeks with his sub, who did an A-MAZING job with the kids, by the way. Logan fell in love with her and was sad to see her go! But his permanent teacher has been back for a couple of weeks now and things are going great! We even have our first field trip with the entire kindergarten class tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting to know his teacher a little better then. When the sub-teacher left, she gave each child a disc with some photos from the first 6 weeks of school! She had no idea what an great gift this was for me! I sit around and wonder what Logan is doing during the day and to see pictures of him in action at school was super cool! Here are a few pics from that disc:

I have to say, I am extremely proud of Logan. I was worried that kindergarten would be an adjustment for him because he tends to be a little clingy. I was worried that when I went to help out in his classroom, he would grab my leg and beg me to take him with me.  Au contraie!! I took goodies with another mother for a party to say "thanks" to his sub on her last day with the class. I was anxious about the time I was supposed to leave.....when it came time for us to walk out, I had to get his attention and MAKE him tell me bye! Oddly, it didn't hurt my feelings at all. It just made me so proud that he has become comfortable in that environment and LOVES to be at school.

A little more bragging and I'm done. ;) Logan has started reading! I checked out some books from the public library that are easy-readers for beginners. Most of the books have a good many of his sight words he's already been learning at school. But he has done such a great job sounding out the letters and sounds of the words he isn't familiar with and gets so excited when he figures it out all on his own! He has this cute little, almost sneaky-sounding giggle he does when he learns something all by himself. It is a sweet trait of his that squeezes my heart! I love that boy! He is such a joy to raise and love. I feel extremely blessed to be both of these boys' mama! :)

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