Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, a broken toe? and some Fall Festival MADNESS

I have decided that the most efficient, least stressful approach to blogging is just going to be me updating every couple of weeks with a "what's happening around here" kind of thing. So, here is my latest installment of "What's happening around here."

I gladly volunteered to go along with Logan's kindergarten class at the beginning of October to the Pumpkin Patch in Clanton. After all, it was Logan's first field trip EVER and I woudln't have missed this for anything! We had a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures to document the day.

I was responsible for these two silly boys! Logan and his buddy, "Casper." Yes, that is his nickname.
Mrs. Hughey's first kindergarten class, 2011-2011
Logan on the horse or pony, or whatever the correct term is for this animal. ;)

Logan and his buddy, Ethan.

Me and Logan

So, I've never had a broken toe before...or a broken anything, for that matter. But when I kicked the bocephus out of my ottoman a few weeks ago, I thought I was going to look down and find it dangling by a tendon. It hurt like no other but now I'm not really sure I even broke it. It swelled up and turned several shades of purple, blue then yellow....and it actually still hurts when I hit it JUST right today. But Alan says he can't even tell I did anything to it....what do you think? {Please excuse my knarly, need-a-pedicure, feet.}

The Friday before Halloween, Logan's school had a Fall Festival. The kindergarten classes were in charge of creating a "box maze" for the event, so me, along with a few other parents, were at the school that morning cutting and taping together boxes for the maze. I'm gonna say it was quite possibly THE BEST box maze that school has ever had. ;-) After we finished the maze, we headed to our kids' classes and ate a sack lunch with them. I decided to take a few pictures of Logan and his classmates in their Halloween costumes. Here are some shots of these cuties in their get-ups! :-) I always enjoy time I spend with Logan at school.

Logan's friends Casper, Michael and Moses (spiderman #2) :)

Logan shares a table in class with 3 of these 4 friends: Mackenzie, Casper & Moses.

Naturally, Logan has a couple of "girl. friends." in class. ;-) Addison and Colsyn.

And, finally a class-shot...Yes, they are saying "Halloween!"

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