Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buddies and TKD

Ford has gotten himself a new little buddy. Caleb Shamblin is the newest toddler on his "buddy" list. Every couple of weeks, Caleb's mommy (my sweet friend, Brittany Shamblin, read her blog here) and I try to get together and let the boys play and to give us some "adult conversation" time. :-)

So, today we decided we'd take the boys to Mound State Park in Moundville, Alabama. They have just recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation to their museum, and we felt like we just HAD to check it out! So, play date at the Mounds it was!

Here is the only picture we got of the boys together inside the museum. It's a terrible picture but it just so happens to be the best one we got of both the boys in front of this amazing display of a Native American wedding ceremony. They were overjoyed as you can see. :-)

Ford gladly posed in front of the Moundville high ruler (i have no idea if this is actually the proper term), the air to the Moundville high ruler, his mother,
and the medicine man preparing for the upcoming wedding ceremony.

Caleb and Brittany in front of the same statues.

Everyone had a great time overall, but Caleb was just NOT real sure about the projector Native American telling his story about becoming a religious leader in his tribe (can you tell I was REALLY paying attention?). I tried to capture the anxiety on his face, but he kept looking away everytime he saw me hold up the if to say "Shame on you lady for taking a picture of me in my time of distress!" Sorry Caleb, but your mommy was laughing, too! ;-)

After a trip through the gift shop, and a tomahawk and a stuffed frog that "ribbits" when you squeeze it later, the buddies were happy (and H-O-T) again, outside!

Aren't they cute? ;-)

In all seriousness, Alan and I will definitely go back, without the kids sometime, so we can browse and read all the displays. It really is interesting and I really do enjoy history (Ihaveabachelorsdegreeinhistory).  ;-)

Not to be overshadowed, Logan has been taking TaeKwonDo all summer and just recently completed his first test as a Tiger Cub and received his yellow belt. :-) He was very proud of himself. Here are a couple of pictures from his belt ceremony.

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