Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kindergarten!!!! and 2 year preschool...

Logan has been in kindergarten for over 2 weeks now and I can honestly say, without any hesitation that he LOVES it! He comes home excited every day and eager to let me know he has "stayed in the green" all day! Only twice has he come home and told me he had been "in the yellow" that day: the first day of school and 2 days ago. So, I am a pretty proud mama. :)

Logan went to bed the night before the first day of Kindergarten crying himself to sleep. I was pretty stressed out about his first day, #1 because he is my first born and I cannot believe he's starting big school already and #2 because his teacher is on maternity leave for the first 6 weeks of school and he's starting out his grade school career with a SUB! So naturally, when he broke down and turned into an inconsolable mess when he layed down to go to sleep, my nervousness shot through the roof. I truly believe God woke me up at 4 am the first morning of school JUST TO MAKE ME PRAY about it....and you know what? He whispered something in my ear. Seriously. You know those people who talk about "hearing the voice of God" in their ear when they are praying and seeking God's will? Well, I heard it. He said "Trust me." I still tear up everytime I think about it...I'm getting all choked up now. So, I did. I trusted Him..and everytime I would start to worry again, I would just stop myself and remind myself that HE told me to TRUST HIM. Logan woke up the next morning in a GREAT mood, walked into his classroom, sat down, started coloring his sheet, and kissed us goodbye when we left. He did cry, he didn't beg us to stay, he didn't even LOOK at us when we walked out the door. It couldn't have gone any better. On the way to school that morning, he repeated something in his "on the way to school prayer" that I had mentioned to him the night before...I had told him that if he gets scared at school, he could pray, and God would always be with him. So when he said his prayers that morning he said "God, I know if I get scared at school today that you will be right there with me." It was a really precious moment and I'll never forget it. It is SO true what they say about your emotions as a mother of a kindergartener, you never in your life feel more proud, sad, nervous, happy and excited than you do that first day of school!

Ford started preschool, two half days a week, and he couldn't have been more excited! He has hit the ground running every day since and can't wait for his 2 days of school!

Here are a few pictures from the first day of kindergarten and preschool:

 Eating breakfast on the first day of school.

 My sweet little kindergartener.

 Me and my boys on their first day of school.

 Heading out...

 YES, I took pictures of him walking all the way to the car...I even took some video of him. :)
 A little blurry but you can still see that sweet Logan smile.

 Saying his prayers on the way to school.

When asked if he was going to pray, Ford said "No I not. I coloring."


 "I can go play in the gym now?! SEE YA!"

 Walking in to school with Daddy.

In his seat, ready to start his first day!

Logan and me on his first day of kindergarten, August 10, 2011. he comes! YES, I TOOK PICTURES OF HIM COMING OUT OF SCHOOL ON HIS FIRST DAY, TOO. ;-) Must document everything. :-)
His face was all red and he had been crying when I picked him up. It had been thundering while he was waiting for me to get there and he got upset. Broke my heart! :(
But, thankfully, he had a GREAT first day! :)

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