Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Photo Challenge

I'm not really that great at finishing photo challenges but I'm really
going to try and finish this one. Maybe my blogging friends who are
also doing this challenge can help keep me on task. :-)

Since we're 4 days in to February, I'll go ahead and post days 1-3 now. Day four will come later today. :-)
        Day 1: your view today
Pappy's BBQ opened back up in Moundville and this was my first time eating there since they've opened.

Day 2: words
I pray every day that God will mold me into a Proverbs 31 woman for my husband and my children.

Day 3: hands
One of my favorite things about my babies is their sweet hands. One day
their's will be a lot bigger than mine. Today I cherish their chubby
fingers. :-)

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