Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay, I'm not really sure why I commit to these things. I am always having to play catch up! So here's days 23-29:
Day 23: my shoes. :-)

Day 24: inside your bathroom cabinet. Good thing I just recently cleaned it out! Haha.

Day 25: green. One of my favorite Vera Bradley patterns is Sittin' In a Tree.

Day 26: night. I love how cozy my bedroom is at night time. :-)

Day 27: something you ate. I've been eating cuties lately like it's the end of the world. LOVE them!

Day 28: money. Logan's stash. He's a saver. :-)

Day 29: something you're listening to. I've been listening to a lot of this guy recently. Love me some KC.

Well, that's it. I finished. Maybe not the way it was intended but at least I finished on the day I was supposed to. Woohoo!
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