Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This post is meant to be for 2 groups of people: the first being those people who want to see pictures from our camping trip; and the second being those people who wonder: "Camping? What do you do when you camp and why do you like it?" So, here you go. :)

Let me start by showing you a picture of my sweet boys and their new friend they met over the weekend. Her name is Caylee and she's from Mississippi. She is 4 and Logan spotted her about 24 seconds after she climbed out of her camper the day she arrived! This is a picture of the boys on Caylee's four wheeler that she was so precious to share with them over the weekend. Isn't she a doll? Such a little prissy thing.

Here's Logan and Caylee riding the four wheeler together. Logan preferred to drive, but it WAS her ride, 
after all. They had so much fun!

Okay, for those of you who say "I'm not sleeping on the ground or in a tent!" Here is our camper and set up. We don't sleep in a tent, either, (anymore). We really do rough it in our 5th wheel with satellite tv, full kitchen and bathroom. :) We did start out tent camping (and my brother and his family still do) and I will say it is a lot of fun. But it does tend to be a little more comfy and warm in the camper. :)

So, what do we do when we're camping, you ask? Well, we go for walks......

We snack.......
and we snack some more....

....and we get together under one canopy to eat dinner. Some of the best and funniest times come with all of us gathered together under my parent's screen room, cramming all 10 of us into the little picnic table and having a yummy meal!
My favorite part of camping (other than the snacking and being lazy..) is the campfire! We usually roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Here, Logan, Caylee, and Ceilidh are telling each other 
"scary campfire stories."

Ford found him a nice place to play alone. Several times we didn't know where he was and we'd find him underneath this picnic table playing with trains.

Here is Uncle Steven blowing some bubbles for Ford. :)

Ceilidh, Logan and Caylee riding the train. 
Logan's favorite part of camping at Tannehill is the train.....

.....and getting to blow the whistle.

After we got off the train, I looked back and found Logan like this....and then I found him bending over looking underneath the train and really studying it. I can already tell he has such a mechanical mind...
just like his daddy. :)

So that is basically all we do when we camp....I guess I forgot to mention that we ride bikes A LOT and we go to the playground, of course. But I didn't get any pictures of either one of those activities. If you think you wouldn't like it, maybe you should try it, ...at least once.

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