Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm starting a blog! (along with everyone else on the planet!) ;)

So, I decided to start a blog because, well honestly it looks fun and lots of other people are doing it. :) I have to admit, this blogger deal is not user friendly, at least not for this user. I sat here in front of my computer for FIVE HOURS the other day just trying to get the picture and blog header fixed and centered. I mean, that is just ridiculous! I can't get those 5 hours back. So, I finally decided to get up and walk away from it because I was so mad and irritated at that point, I was about to start using profanity.

I can't honestly say that this blog is going to be edge-of-your-seat-entertainment. But it will be daily occurrances in McPherson household. I will admit now that I will steal some ideas from some friends' blogs and add a couple of ideas of my own. So for those of you whom I planning on stealing ideas from, I apologize in advance, I just honestly am not that creative, so I have to steal creative ideas from those that are. :) My ultimate goals is 3 part: #1 to let friends and family see what's going on in our lives, #2 to share what God is currently doing in our lives and #3 to glorify our Lord and Saviour in all that we do and say and in doing so hopefully encourage others to praise and worship Him!

I may only have one reader (my mom), okay well maybe 3, I would be willing to bet that I will have a couple of "pity readers", but I will be grateful for what I have and not for what I don't have. ;)

I hope that you enjoy this journey with me!


  1. Yay!! I'm PUMPED about the McPherson blog!! So glad that you decided to start one and so sorry about those 5 hours (and the fact that I was ABSOLUTELY NO HELP! during that time.) Love the title, photo, background, and can't wait to keep up. Most of all, love your family and your desire to glorify the Lord!

  2. I'm glad to see you have a blog! I look forward to reading and seeing what's going on in your life! I finally updated mine today for the first time in a month - hopefully I will get better about keeping it updated! :) Love you!

    P.S. When I'm home maybe I can help you if you want to fix/change anything on here - I know exactly how you feel! Katie had to talk me through how to do it all, so don't feel discouraged - it's hard for everyone! I still don't know how to do some things! :)

  3. Oh, and now that your on here, follow my blog! :)

  4. I'm so excited that you have a blog now!! Congrats on conforming :) I will definitely will be one of those long as you read mine too!! :) Love you!!