Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More about camping...

We spent another fun weekend camping at Tannehill this past weekend. Here are a few snapshots from then:
Ford LOVES bubbles. He had a great time learning how to blow them.

He was so funny. He kept trying to blow either above the stick or below it.

So, he got a little hope from Paw Paw.

Logan's mission ALL weekend was to find new friends. He kept saying to us, "Today I am GOING to make new friends! I am going to today!" He also loved to ride his bike.

Another shot of sweet Ford trying to figure out this bubble blowing thing. :)


  1. So cute! Ford looks like such a big boy! I'm so excited that I will be seeing you all soon! Love you!

    P.S. That mickey mouse shirt is looking super cute on Ford! :)

  2. Great pictures. I love your boys determination in finding friends and blowing bubbles! Precious :) And we sure enjoyed the time we got to spend with you guys at your campsite. Thanks so much!

  3. We had a blast as well, thanks so much for being such great hosts! Also we are now experiencing the thrill of a two year old hooked on Thomas the choo choo.