Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We have PUPPIES!

Yes!You read that right, we do, indeed, have puppies at our house! Do you or anybody you know want a sweet little puppy in their Christmas stocking this year?? Our sweet little stray, Judy (named by Logan), had puppies about 2 weeks ago, November 9th. She had 7 puppies total, but only 6 survived. Here are all 6 puppies snoozing all cuddled up.

This is the puppy Logan has decided to keep. She's the only black and white puppy in the mix. He had originally said he wanted a boy, but he has fallen in love with this little black and white girl and couldn't care less that it's not a boy! Isn't she a cutie?!

I just love how puppies cuddle up together when they sleep. They are just too cute! Their eyes have only been open for a couple of days. But when they do open them, they are real squinty and they look at you like "Would you please put me down and let me sleep!?" Precious!

If you or anybody you know is interested in some cute, mixed-breed puppies, please let me know. Judy is a stray of unknown origin, and I could find out more information about the puppies' daddy (he's our neighbor's dog). Just keep in mind, if you are interested in the puppies, the black and white one is NOT available! :) We are also going to offer one of them to our neighbors. These puppies are FREE, by the way, and will be ready for you to take home just in time for Christmas!!

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