Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Logan's heart

For those of you who know us well, you will know that my 4 year old, Logan, has not a sweet tender heart, but he also has a brain that doesn't stop turning! With that comes some pretty funny comments out of his mouth. Anyone who ever teaches him or spends any amount of time with him usually relays some funny story of something has said to them personally. He really is a mess! So, I think I will dedicate Tuesdays for sharing something funny or sweet that Logan (or Ford) has said or done throughout the week.
Logan's teacher at preschool is doing a unit on the state of Alabama. They are learning that Alabama is in the United States of America, and that Alabama is in the South, and the bordering states are Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia (that's all for now). :) They will also learn about the flag, flower and bird. I think it's a great unit and Logan is loving it! Today on the way to school Logan asked me if I knew that there were children in Africa that didn't have anything to eat or anything to drink. Of course I said "Yes, I do. Isn't that sad?" He said, "Yes, it is sad Mama, and I think that we need to bring those children over here, to the United States of America, to Alabama, live at our house and give them food and water so that they won't be hungry."
WOW! What a precious heart my little 4 year old  has. What a desire God has already given him to help take care of those that are less fortunate than we are. Part of our great commission is to take care of the poor and needy, not just in our state or our country, but all over the world. As a matter of fact, there are over 300 verses in the bible that mention us caring for the poor. I don't know about you, but with a number like that, I think it's pretty important to God. So I told Logan that in his prayer on the way to school that he should pray for those children and ask God to show him how he can help take care of them.

Okay, so get this, I DID NOT know that this would come in the mail today, but low and behold, on my way home from picking him up from school, the World Vision Gift Catalog was in the mailbox. Seriously, I kid you not. I have always said that with God there are no coincidences and I do not believe that it was a coincidence that this catalog came in the mail today. Actually, I think it came yesterday but I didn't get it out of the box until today. Talk about divine intervention! :) I am definitely giving this one to God!! When we got home, I showed Logan the catalog and went through it with him. I reminded him that we had prayed for God to show us how we could help the hungry children and I said "I think maybe this is how God wants us to help." Logan looks at me funny and said "Do you think God put that in our mailbox?" :)

If you aren't familiar with this catalog, it is a magazine from World Vision that has all sorts of farm animals that you can purchase right in the comforts of your home and have them sent to a family somewhere in the world in need. You can also purchase fishing kits to teach a family to fish, fruit trees, seeds, mosquito nets, life-saving medicines, emergency food, school supplies for schools, clothes and shoes, soccer balls, bibles in a child's own language AND you can purchase different items and the proceeds to towards helping sexually exploited girls, as well as donating money for sending a girl to school. There are so many choices in this catalog, it is hard to know which one I want to do! :)
I told Logan that instead of him and Ford getting a whole bunch of presents for Christmas this year that we are going to buy something from this magazine with that money to help those children he was thinking about this morning on the way to school. Although, distracted, tired and probably not thinking about those kids anymore, he agreed that would be a great idea!

I challenge you this year to step back from the hectic, crazy Christmas shopping frenzy and check out the World Vision website. The prices are so low, anyone, on any budget can do it. For example, for $25, you can buy 2 chickens and give a family a daily supply of eggs. Now, isn't that reasonable? Here's another, and the most popular gift: for $75 you can buy a goat that will provide a family with milk, cheese and yogurt, as well as fertilizer for their garden. It also says that the surplus of milk, cheese and yogurt they get, can be sold at the market to buy medicines and other necessities.

God calls us to help the poor and feed the hungry. Do you plan on doing something similar with your kids this year? If so, please share it with me! I'd love to hear about it! God is so good and has blessed us so abundantly, how can we keep this all to ourselves!? :)


  1. How do you request catalog..I can't find that option on the website!! Love the blog by the way!! :)

  2. I don't know how you get the catalog. I don't even know how we ended up with it! :) Maybe you can just order off the website.

  3. You can just give through the website. I've gotten the catalog before, but I didn't request and I have no clue how I got it!